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Field Notes

torn supraspinatus


I stopped climbing completely about 2 months ago after the doctor confirmed my dreaded suspisions. The MRI revealed a 6mm tear in the supraspinatus tendon, a frayed bicep tendon, bone spurs, and a deformity on the acromion. Wear and tear from 15 years of climbing.

So meanwhile I have taken a backseat to climbing and started carrying in the camera gear instead of climbing gear. Its been refreshing to take a more observatory role and photograph my friends climbing. I have also become a pretty mean spotter.

Here are three galleries of bouldering images have taken in the last couple months.

Bouldering at the Barrio, Boulder Canyon, Colorado.

The Access Fund team bouldering at the Lumpy Ridge, Estes Park, Colorado.

Bouldering at beautiful Redcliff, Colorado.