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Field Notes

The Bee Year


I recently started a project photographing Bees and more specifically Mead-making. I have been collaborating with a friend Mark Beran of Medovina, Colorado Honey Wine. Medovina is a small one man operation in Niwot, CO. Mark and I have been discussing the plight of Bees, their interconnection to this natural world and how mead-making has the potential to help to grow a demand for honey and an interest in the well being of Bees and their survival as a species.

I get the feeling sometimes that this project could end up being much bigger than I imagine. Did you know that a Bee produces only two teaspoons of honey in its lifetime, an average of 40 days long. A hive can contain an upwards of 40,000 Bees at peak season. The Bee Year follows the annual and seasonal process of Bee-keeping, extracting, fermenting, bottling, and enjoying Mead.

Randall LevensalerComment