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Field Notes

Rain finally comes to Colorado


With over two weeks of temperatures hovering near the triple digits the heat was starting to take its toll on me. Fortunately, the rains finally arrived in Boulder and everyone I met while on the trails, echoed my thoughts and sighed in relief.  

Hiking has become my primary mode of exercise since shoulder surgery and by Sunday I was itching for another adventure. That afternoon I drove up to Allenspark in a torrential downpour. I sat in my car at the trailhead for several minutes trying to predict the chances of this storm breaking before sunset. With a shrug of the shoulders I headed out, rain jacket on, and camera gear in tow. I was the only person at the trailhead, the rain must have driven everyone away. I felt lucky to have the place to myself. It was very peaceful. As I hiked on the rain lightened. I noticed how water droplets sparkled on all the leaves and flowers along the trail. Even the mountains were refreshed from the rain.

As I approached the top of the saddle just above treeline the sun broke through the clouds and turned everything golden and the light show began for the next couple hours. I’ve learned that sometimes you have to listen to your inner voice no matter what the odds and you might just be rewarded. To the North was a tremendous view of Longs Peak, the Organ Pipes, Chiefshead, and Mt. Alice. On the North slope of St. Vrain Mountain a snow-feed meadow revealed a small herd of Elk at 11,000 ft. It was a magical moment up there by myself photographing and watching the light, what a treat! On my way back down in the dark, I was already thinking about my next trip back.

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