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My apologies to the two of you who actually follow my blog. (there may be more…) I haven’t been up to writing much lately. So I am using this afternoon to catch up on a couple blogs I’ve been meaning to post. One is the last post I back-dated on Jackal Hut Bliss.

I have been pre-occupied lately. I was recently laid off from my “other job” as a graphic designer and have become one of the many unemployed in February. I believe the number of lay offs for January alone was around 60,000 from what I heard on NPR the morning after receiving my news. I’ve been staying positive so far…good thing my first week was busy updating portfolios, writing resumes, cover letters, etc. The second week I have dubbed my “oh shit” week. Mainly because reality is setting in. Not that I’m in a bad place…I have a strong portfolio and good references. Its just that there isn’t much work out there. The usual chalked-full job boards are now resembling more of an empty shelf of sorts, dust covered and crumbs in the corner. Things tend to always work out for the best. I know it a cliche, but things do work out, just not always as comfortable as we like. Meanwhile I am keeping a watch out for opportunities around every bend. I love the idea that says its all about the journey in life and not about getting to the finish line. So, here’s to the journey!

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